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What to Prepare for when Changing Games

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Hi i’m Tondi I’ve been playing table top role playing games for about ten years and since the very beginning i’ve been absolutely fascinated by them.  I love them.  I’m lucky enough to have a regular gaming crew and have played in and run long term and short term games.  Currently my group, the Dice Heroes, […]

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Introducing New Gaming Systems

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And now time for something completely different . . .

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Let me start by saying I’ve noticed a trend to speak more to #GMproblems in our posts. I’ll try to maintain some balance though because let’s face it, by default, there are probably more players than GMs out there. Free entrepreneurial opportunity, make a game with one player and 4-5 GMs. You’re welcome. Anyway, back […]

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Introducing New Systems

I guess I’ll be the first one to tackle the sometimes tricky topic of introducing new gaming systems to your group.  I am not as loquacious as either Neil or Jesse so this could be pretty short, we’ll see. When I got back into gaming it was with D&D 4E.  No problem, we had 2 […]

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July’s Theme

We’re going to try something a little different this month in regards to our articles. There will still be reviews and crafts and other random articles but we’re going to have a topic for the month.  If it goes fairly well then we may move to this type of format for the future.  We may […]

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