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Day Trippers Session 1-3

As Ben bursts through the door he notices that the sky darkens and seems to almost recoil from his presence. Nash wrestles with his feelings of inadequacy but is able to pull himself back from the brink. With a new found sense of purpose Nash and Ben head back into the Admin building to go […]

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DayTrippers Session 1-2

DayTrippers Session 1-2

When reality reasserts itself Jack, Ben and Chip find themselves in what appears to be a football field. Making a quick assessment they decide to do a low flyby perimeter check. An environmental scan shows an earthlike atmosphere and movement is noted in some of the buildings. As they pass by a garden area Chip […]

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DayTrippers Actual Play Session 1-1

Jack Nash – John Benjamin T. Fitch – Vince Charles (Chip) Parsons – Jesse Our story begins at a seedy bar called King Cobras. Friends and brothers at arms Benjamin T Fitch and Jack Nash are at their usual table. Tonight however, they are joined by Charles “Chip” Parsons, former child actor who is shadowing […]

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Daytrippers Actual Play

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The time is shortly after the year 2100, the location is the first world. Massive megacorporations dominate the economic landscape and incredible advances in technology make the most miraculous things possible, from genetic modification to medical nanotechnology and microfusion power generators. But the most earth-shaking development of the 21st century is one we’re just beginning […]

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013 Tod Foley Interview (Mp3)

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013 Interview with Tod Foley

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