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Rogue Trader Session 3

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DayTrippers Actual Play Session 1-1

Jack Nash – John Benjamin T. Fitch – Vince Charles (Chip) Parsons – Jesse Our story begins at a seedy bar called King Cobras. Friends and brothers at arms Benjamin T Fitch and Jack Nash are at their usual table. Tonight however, they are joined by Charles “Chip” Parsons, former child actor who is shadowing […]

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5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Session 5

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Fear Itself Session 9-2

The guys leave the airport and head back to the hotel. Using Erin’s laptop they look up the IP address on the darkweb.  Randy is able to make contact with someone who ask a series of strange questions. It’s at this time they find out that Jack is is secretly a poet. To try the […]

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Daytrippers Actual Play

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The time is shortly after the year 2100, the location is the first world. Massive megacorporations dominate the economic landscape and incredible advances in technology make the most miraculous things possible, from genetic modification to medical nanotechnology and microfusion power generators. But the most earth-shaking development of the 21st century is one we’re just beginning […]

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Cthulhu Invictus

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The investigators are hired by the children of someone whom they fear have been bewitched by a mysterious engineer who gave him a clockword bird toy that he claims can predict the future. Join us for Cthulhu Invictus as we playtest Oscar Rios’s newest scenario. Jef – Marcus (apothecary) Byron – Sabina (courtesan) Vince – […]

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Fear Itself Session 9-1

Jack Crandall – Brett Erin Shaughnessy – John Randy Anders – Kurt GM – Neil The boys are on their way to Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love, and apparently the epicenter of a new and potentially paranormal drug known as Dead Arm. When they arrive, Jack begins handling all of the paperwork while Randy and […]

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Dungeons and Dragons Session 4-2

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  Kyrixes Goldenflame – John Spritle Chudforth – Dan Njorvold Anvilesmite – James Diro Kalamire – Gabe Sled – Aaron DM – Vince The battle continues, with Sled advocating a strategic withdrawal up the stairs.  In the confusion of combat it seems as if the undead creatures are confused and not following their orders to […]

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