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Nerd Wallets – Time to Diet?

By on May 23, 2016 in Notes From the Dungeon Master with 0 Comments

It’s been quite some time since I have written a post here on LoTT. Life has been crazy busy with other LoTT duties, writing projects, family concerns, and whatnot. Thus I feel like contributing something.

But what? There are a few game reviews I really need to get to. We’ve created a fill-able PDF form for those that we hope will assist with both motivation and expediency AND be easy to post here for you to read and print out with ease.

I am, however, feeling far too lazy even for that right now so let me pose a theory – this one is for the guys.

Is the size and thickness (no, not THAT) of your wallet in some fashion in proportion to your level of nerdiness?

I may have to whip up a mathematical formula.

I think it might be. Not too long ago, maybe a month or so, I was in the local gaming store, and whilst waiting in the line to pay for my treasures I noticed the guy in front of me with this huge brick of a wallet. He might have killed someone with it. It was stuffed with all kinds of papers and cards and such and bulging at the seams!

He seemed pretty nerdy – superhero t-shirt and armload of comics and games and his friend and he were talking game-speak – so, fundamentally, a nerd, right?

Safe to say and we nerds recognize one another.

My brother, a huge nerd, suffered the same fat-wallet-syndrome as well. His wallet contained every movie ticket stub for a span of about 10 or 12 years. That had to be punishing his spine! All was good until his girlfriend at the time slapped it out of his hands – a large confetti burst of tickets exploded out of  it and whirled around him for a few seconds, much like the dirt cloud that surrounds pig-pen.

So how about guys? Check your wallets. Are you sitting with a 20 degree list to port or starboard because of it?

Perhaps it’s time to slim down a bit – before someone slaps that shit right out of your hands.

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