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Convention Panel

The Mythos Panel

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THE MYTHOS: Lovecraft’s Greatest Creation or Suffocating Trope? – For many, the Cthulhu Mythos is their first exposure to Lovecraft and his greatest literary creation. But, today, is it still effective or has it become stale and cliche after being used by so many writers? Is Cthulhu still frightening or about as scary as a […]

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Gaming for Podcasting Panel

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https://soundcloud.com/legends-of-tabletop/gaming-for-podcasting-panel   PODCASTING FOR GAMES – They’re everywhere. Podcasts have exploded recently and everyone seems to have one. What can you do to not only create a unique gaming podcast but make it successful? The teams behind the classic podcasts Legends of Tabletop, Misktatonic U., Dragon Fisters, and Into the Darkness, are here to help! […]

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Fabulism in Contemporary Weird Fiction

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FABULISM IN CONTEMPORARY WEIRD FICTION Before the short story, the novel, or even the play- there was the fable and fabulism has been a constant thread throughout the history of horror and weird fiction and, in recent years, many writers have been more openly showcasing fabulism in their work. This panel seeks to explore the […]

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Gaming and Technology Panel

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Gaming and Technology Panel

GAMES AND TECHNOLOGY PANEL– As horror / sci fi and Lovecraftian gaming has grown, so has technology. No longer are games confined to a tabletop; they can be played on a multitude of platforms. Learn what is best in life and use your newfound technology to crush your enemies and see them driven before you. […]

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